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Blue Barn Hill Farm is a small family farm in southern Indiana.

We grow , raise and handcraft many things here on our homestead .  

Everything we make/grow/raise here is done on a small scale so we can pour all of our heart into everything we do .


Great Pyrenees Puppies 

Available once a year


Handcrafted Soaps

Available Year Round 

Check out the shop

here on our website

to see what is currently



Pet Quality 

Bantam Cochin Chickens

Standard Egg Layer

Farm Mix Chickens

Call Ducks


Pet Quality 

Lop Rabbits

Dried Flowers 

and other dried goods 

that are grown here 

on the farm


We have a farm stand here on the farm that is open from late spring to fall ... It is run on a self serve - honor system . 

All of our produce - flowers - herbs that are sold in the farm stand are grown all naturally right here on the farm . No Chemicals - No Pesticides .

Plans are in the works to have a better stand up before we open next spring ... It will be more enclosed so we can create a better place out of the sun to keep produce fresher and so we may be able to have a small selection of soaps available out there as well .

More Details will be posted on our Facebook page in the spring . 

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