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Whimsical Chicken Soup Bowl Holder -Brutus

Whimsical Chicken Soup Bowl Holder 


Fun Name Just for Listing Purposes - Brutus

*** You should definitely rename your chicken anything you like :) 


Color : Bright Aqua Blue and Gray for the main chicken - Yellow feet and beak - Orange comb and wattles - Orange eyes 


Have you ever tried holding a hot bowl of soup and thought DANG that's hot ?? 

I've got the perfect fun way to solve that problem ... the whimsical chicken soup bowl holder . Handcrafted from 2 strands of yarn making it a super thick , super nice custom fitted potholder . AND because of it's fun design you might just end up wanting to eat all your meals out of it .


These bowl holders are hand crocheted from cotton yarn .


Because bowls vary so much - I have created each one of these around a specific bowl that is included so you know you have the perfect fit . 


Size : Worked around a standard 6 inch cereal / soup bowl


Every single one of these is hand crafted - every single one will look slightly different - but each one will have their own listing ... so the pictures are of the exact chicken and bowl you will be recieving .


*** Because each item is handcrafted it is unique and can have slight differences in sizes or looks


*** All of the items listed on our webpage are Handcrafted - Raised - or Grown by our family right here at the farm in Southern Indiana . We do not buy and resell . We do not have hired help . This is a small family farm , so sometimes selection comes and goes based on seasons of where most of our time is being spent . We appreciate every one of you who chooses to support our small family business .


*** Free Shipping on All Orders over $25


*** Items are usually shipped within 2-3 business days


*** We also have a local pick up option - if you select that option you are responsible to pick up here at the farm in Bloomfield , Indiana . After purchase you will receive an email usually within 48 hours to let you know available pick up hours for the week .

Whimsical Chicken Soup Bowl Holder -Brutus

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