Dried Whole Calendula Flowers - Better Than Organic

Dried Whole Calendula Flowers - Better Than Organic

2 Ounce Bag


Calendula is an amazing flower than has many uses ... it is used in teas , salves , soaps and more . 


I believe the whole flower head is the best to use for the maximum benefit of the flower .... because we save them this way they look amazing and can also be used in crafts or as natural confetti on fall table settings . 


These flowers have all been grown right here on the farm from seed we save from year to year .... when ready we harvest them by handpicking - we pick these flowers almost daily in the summer and early fall . They are then air dried for 1-2 weeks or until we are confident they are ready to be packed up . 


We believe in growing everything better than organic - we never use any chemicals or pesticides in our gardens . ever . not even "organic approved" chemicals . Our gardens are fertilized overwinter with naturally produced fertilizer ( aka farm animal poop ) . 


We are glad you found us and hope you love these amazing beautiful dried flowers as much as we do . 


*** Because each item is handcrafted it is unique and can have slight differences in sizes or looks . 


*** All of the items listed on our webpage are Handcrafted - Raised - or Grown by our family right here at the farm in Southern Indiana . We do not buy and resell . We do not have hired help . This is a small family farm , so sometimes selection comes and goes based on seasons of where most of our time is being spent . We appreciate every one of you who chooses to support our small family business .


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Dried Whole Calendula Flowers - Better Than Organic